Refunds Policy

Refunds can be processed in case of return or cancellation. For your convenience, we are offering different refund options for you to choose from, based on your payment method at the time of purchase.

Once the refund is initiated, you will be contacted as below:
1) You will receive an email from the payment gateway provider pertaining the refund.
2) You will receive a booking cancellation email and MTravel’s Customer Service agent will contact you directly pertaining the cancellation.

Below are for each of the refund channels and time frame.

Refund Method MTravel Processing Time Frame Payment Gateway Processing Time Frame Bank Processing Time Frame
FPX Directly refunded from MTravel 3 to 5 working days NIL
MOLPAY / IPAY88 Credit Card / Alipay / Unionpay Cancellation initiated on the same day as the transaction, refund will be credited back to customer on the same day NIL
Cancellation initiated the next day after the transaction, email notification will be sent to customer 7 to 14 working days

1) Should you with to request for refund after purchasing from MTravelClub, please contact our Customer Service Agent directly to initiate the refund process and DO NOT contact the credit card issuing bank.
2) If the refund does not arrive after the next two month's statement, please contact your issuing bank or party directly for further assistance.